10 Interesting Facts About Indian Cuisine

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10 Interesting Facts About Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is taking Australia by storm – as one of the most popular cuisine choices in the area, it’s time you knew some fun and interesting facts about Indian cuisine.  At BBQ Villa, we pride ourselves in crafting the most delicious Indian cuisine around.

Keep reading to find out our top ten interesting facts about Indian cuisine.

Food Has Six Different Flavours

The art of Indian cuisine states that our food has six distinct and delicious flavours.  Those flavours are bitter, salty, sweet, astringent, spicy, and sour.  Are you able to taste all six flavours in your meals?

Indian Food Origins are Global

In ancient India, global traders actually brought the traditional flavours of India to India – things like potatoes, chili, tomatoes, and sugar were all brought to India, and are current staples in Indian cuisine today.  You can think of the history of Indian cuisine as the history of global cuisine!  There are flavours and aromas from all corners of the world in Indian cuisine.

More Spices Than Anywhere Else

India is rightfully named the Land of Spices – India has more spices than anywhere in the world.  Indian cuisine is famous for incredibly intricate and aromatic spices that make the food wonderfully flavourful and unique.

Scottish Origins

Many people don’t realise our most interesting fact on the list – one of the most widely recognised and beloved Indian dishes actually has Scottish origins.  Chicken tikki masala was actually first created in Scotland and quickly became a staple of Indian cuisine.

Unknown Recipes

There are still unknown recipes that are right in front of our noses – ancient Indian texts have been uncovered, but have yet to be translated because the language is unknown.  The next big Indian dish could just be waiting to be unlocked!

Coffee or Tea?

India didn’t start regularly consuming coffee until at least the 16th century – prior to that, masala chai was the popular drink of choice, and still is today.  It wasn’t until the British arrived that coffee was introduced.

A Rainbow or Rice

Indian cuisine is known for being colourful and playful, and it’s no different with the many varieties of delicious rice.  Aside from commonly found white and brown rice, other common rices in India are shades of red and black, creating unique and savoury flavours that make Indian cuisine what we know and love.

Chili and Pepper

The two most popular spices used in Indian cuisine are actually chili and pepper – many people may think it is curry or another exotic spice.  The foundation of great Indian cuisine is expertly used pepper and chili.

Food is More than Fuel

Indian cuisine is more than just fuel – traditional Indians believe that food can bring you on a spiritual journey.  Popular diets such as the Ayurveda diet align with specific emotions and feelings and can help you lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

BBQ Villa is the Best Up and Coming Indian Restaurant in the Area

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