10 Interesting Facts About Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is taking Australia by storm - as one of the most popular cuisine choices in the area, it’s time you knew some fun and interesting facts about Indian cuisine.  At BBQ Villa, we pride ourselves in crafting the most delicious Indian cuisine around. Keep reading to find out our top ten interesting facts about Indian cuisine. Food Has Six Different Flavours The art of Indian cuisine states that our food has six distinct and delicious flavours.  Those flavours are bitter, salty, sweet, astringent, spicy, and sour.  Are you able to taste [...]

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The Health Benefits of Chai

Chai is everywhere - it’s sweeping the globe and there’s definitely no stopping it, and for good reason.  Not only is chai incredibly delicious and soothing, there are tons of fantastic health benefits that come from drinking chai.  At BBQ Villa, we love how flavourful and versatile chai can be - from traditional chai to modern twists on a classic drink, there’s a chai for everyone. Here are the top health benefits of drinking chai. Improve Your Heart Health Studies have shown that drinking chai can lead to improved heart health, so drink [...]

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The History of the Döner Kebab

Kebabs are a very popular food option, both in Australia and in many other countries. For some, they are a culinary staple. Kebabs of some form grace the table at just about every meal. Roasting meat on a spit is commonplace, tradition even, and topping the meat with a range of crisp and creamy condiments is expected. For others, kebabs are a comfort food after a drunken night out on Chapel or a quick, portable meal during a lunch break in Melbourne CBD. There are many types of kebabs catering to many dietary requirements [...]

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Looking for a Nutritionally Balanced Meal? Here’s Why a Kebab Fits the Bill!

We all know that a healthy diet is important for maintaining high energy, a stable weight, and a radiant physical appearance. But do you know what aspects are key to proper nutrition? Most people don’t– and if you’re one of them, that’s okay. Consider this step one in the learning process. A nutritionally balanced meal is composed of a healthy ratio of macronutrients. The macronutrients we need are carbohydrates (like grains and potatoes), fats (like oils and nuts) and proteins (like meat and beans). If your diet relies too heavily on any one of [...]

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