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Exploring Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cuisine offers some of the most exotic and delicious food in the world, so we only thought it would be fair to share some information about some of the best Pakistani cuisine available.  Rich with herbs and spices, Pakistani cuisine is a beautiful blend of traditional Indian and Middle Eastern foods, and there are also some dishes that are completely unique to Pakistan.

Read on to find out some of our favourite Pakistani dishes.

Varieties of Pakistani Food

Even though Pakistan is a small area, the foods vary greatly from region to region, which is why the cuisine is so unique and exciting.  There are just so many Pakistani cuisine options to choose from! The variety of cuisine reflects Pakistan’s rich cultural diversity and history, and you can find foods from around the world in many Pakistani dishes.

From traditional meals to fast food, you can find virtually anything in Pakistan – since we’re not in Pakistan we decided to bring a little bit of Pakistan to you!  We love traditional Pakistani dishes and serve some of the best Pakistani food right here at BBQ Villa.


Korma is a delicious, soothing dish that is traditionally a gravy with either a meat or vegetable option.  The herbs and spices can vary, but korma is typically spicy. It can be served with naan or with rice if you’re looking to stay traditional.

At BBQ Villa, we serve all kinds of Korma.  Korma is one of our favourite Pakistani dishes because it’s a great comfort food that everyone can enjoy.  Some of our delicious Korma options include Veggie Korma and Lamb Korma. The Veggie Korma is the traditional spicy korma with curry, while the lamb uses cashews and saffron gravy.  Delicious.


One of the most popular Pakistani dishes around the world, Biryani is a favourite dish right here in Australia as well.  Biryani is a flavourful mix of rice, meats, spices, herbs, and vegetables, and can come in a wide range of flavour combinations.  What makes this dish so popular is its versatility – there are tons of great options, meaning there’s something for everyone.

We want to make sure there’s a Biryani for everyone that comes to our restaurant, which is why we serve exquisite Veggie Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and Goat Biryani.  The Veggie Biryani uses a delicious mint raita to create a signature flavour. The Chicken Biryani is based in a tomato and onion sauce while the Goat Biryani has a unique blend of spices.  No matter which one you choose, you’re going to get a delicious Biryani.


We like to round out a delicious Pakistani meal with one of our favourite desserts, Kheer.  Kheer is a sweet rice pudding that is often garnished with different kinds of nuts including cashews and almonds.  The secret is cooking it over a low flame to pull out all of the unique and wonderful flavours found in the rice, milk, tapioca, and sugar.

BBQ Villa

Since opening in 2017, BBQ Villa has already established itself as one of the top Indian and Pakistani restaurants in the Melbourne area.  Our menu is truly diverse, and we know there’s something for everyone. From Biryani to Kheer and everything in between, you’re going to find something you love here at BBQ Villa.

Our passion is bringing the culture and passion for great food found in India and Pakistan right here to Melbourne.  We only use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. You can truly taste the care that we put into our meals.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide on Pakistani cuisine, and we hope you dine with us soon.

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