The Health Benefits of Chai

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The Health Benefits of Chai

Chai is everywhere – it’s sweeping the globe and there’s definitely no stopping it, and for good reason.  Not only is chai incredibly delicious and soothing, there are tons of fantastic health benefits that come from drinking chai.  At BBQ Villa, we love how flavourful and versatile chai can be – from traditional chai to modern twists on a classic drink, there’s a chai for everyone.

Here are the top health benefits of drinking chai.

Improve Your Heart Health

Studies have shown that drinking chai can lead to improved heart health, so drink up!  The key active ingredient in chai that leads to improved heart health is cinnamon.  Cinnamon can help lower blood pressure in the right quantities.  There generally isn’t enough cinnamon in one cup of chai to make a noticeable difference, but getting in the habit of regularly drinking chai is a great step in the right direction for the health of your heart.

If your chai has a black tea as its base, it can help counteract high cholesterol – black tea is known to be fantastic for fighting high cholesterol and is a healthy alternative to medications.  While research is ongoing, if chai can even slightly improve your heart health, we all should be drinking more chai tea.

Lower Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar is getting out of control, chai tea may be the answer.  Having high blood sugar can cause serious health issues if not controlled and managed – what better way to help reduce your blood sugar levels than with something natural like chai tea?

Ginger is very effective at managing sugar and insulin levels.  Insulin is an important component of blood sugar control.  For diabetics, chai tea is an important part of a healthy diet to help control their blood sugar count.  If you’re drinking chai tea to lower your blood sugar, avoid chai tea that is prepared with sweeteners – there are a lot of chai tea recipes that require sugar.

Better Digestion

Many people swear by the effects of chai tea on their digestion.  For those of you with serious digestive issues, definitely give chai tea a try.  The soothing, natural ingredients in chai are great for calming nausea and easing digestion issues.  In addition to helping with blood sugar, ginger is also effective at helping with digestion issues.  In fact, the amount of ginger in the common cup of chai is enough to make a noticeable difference in your digestive health.

The Origins of Chai

Chai tea began thousands of years ago in ancient India.  While the exact dates are unknown, the story is that chai was created for ancient Indian royalty as a healing beverage.  They weren’t wrong in creating that drink – as you can see, there are plenty of fantastic health benefits to drinking chai.  Ancient chai is different from what we see today – it wasn’t made with black tea and was heavily herbs and spices.  Today we see chai that is usually black tea and milk with some additional spices for added flavour and health benefits.  While chai has changed throughout its thousands of years of history, it’s founded on health benefits and fantastic flavour.

BBQ Villa Chai

At BBQ Villa, we pride ourselves in our traditional Indian cuisine, including our chai.  We love chai not only for its health benefits, but for its incredible taste!  If you’ve never had chai before, now is the time – and with BBQ Villa recently opening in the Melbourne area, we are conveniently located for you to stop by and get your next cup.

Come see us today for the best chai in town.

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