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The History of the Doner Kebab

Kebabs have their roots in many cultural cuisines, including Turkish, Greek, Pakistani, Israeli and Lebanese. You can find them in different variations all over the world, across the Middle East, Mediterranean, and even East Asia! They are sometimes titled “shawarmas” or “gyros”, but we like to call them “kebabs”.

What is a Doner Kebab?

The reason we call our kebabs “doner” is because that’s the name of the spit the meat is cooked on. A doner is a vertical rotisserie that evenly grills the meat as it spins. Doner meat is usually much leaner than other types of meat. We marinate it, cook it, and shave it into meat slices (as opposed to meat chunks). It is sort of like a cold-cut, but… not cold. That being said, the texture and thickness is similar to a sliced deli meat, and it is great in a sandwich or wrap! Add a bit of cheese and some lettuce and you have got yourself a great, portable meal.

We Offer High-Quality Grilled Meat & Veggie Kebabs

The kebabs we make in house at Kebab City Cafe in South Melbourne are some of the finest doner kebabs in the inner south. They are tasty, juicy, full of flavour and just the right amount of sauce and vegetables. Plus, the meats we use at Kebab City Cafe are always fresh and Halal-friendly!

Our specialty is a lamb doner kebab, made in-house using herbs and a special sauce. We also make homemade chicken doner kebabs, as well as a mixed meat kebab. Finally, we offer a seekh kebab that is made with even more spices and grilled, ground lamb.

And that’s just on the meaty side of things. We also have falafel kebabs for our vegetarian and vegan friends.

Create Your Own Kebab!

All of our kebabs are served in a fluffy pita bread and topped with sauce and raw vegetables. The chickpea fritters come with tabouli and a dip of your choice, like hummus or baba ghanoush or yogurt sauce. If you want it spicy, try our chilli yogurt, or go with garlic sauce for savoury.

If you are gluten-free, you can choose to have a bread-free kebab, served on a platter with some salad and dips or spreads. It is recommended that you squeeze a wedge of lemon over your meat skewers for a bit of zest– especially if you don’t have any carbohydrates to break up the meat flavour. We also have low-gluten options like falafel, which we can also do without the pita or Turkish bread.

Kebabs For Any Occasion, At Any Time

All of our custom kebabs are crunchy, creamy, warm and very filling. They make a great late-night food after you leave the club, or the perfect midday snack or lunch. If you’re feeling daring, you can even try one for breakfast!

We can deliver our delicious kebabs to you, or arrange takeaway if you’d rather pick up your food. Try our gluten-free Halal, vegan or vegetarian kebabs today.

For the best Middle Eastern cuisine in South Melbourne, visit Kebab City Cafe at 498 City Road.